About Us

FXSS is made of a group of expert traders with over a decade’s experience with Forex Trading. High quality, professional, reliable and affordable is what we are all about. We aim to provide our clients with the best trading signals that will give them consistent profit at the lowest possible risk. Our signals are followed by traders worldwide. These clients come from varied backgrounds – we have investors, professional traders, and those who are just beginning their journey with Forex trading.

Unlike others, we at FX Signal Solutions don’t rely on predictions and guesswork, but rather, through our own knowledge and experience have formed our own strategy in which we have seen much success. As our team of experts are notably familiar with Forex and Indices trading, they can guide you through the best life-time investments. This is more than a promise. By following our signals, you are able to learn exactly what to look out for so you’ll know what to trade and when to trade it. Our team has a number of extremely successful low risk strategies which result in very high profits, we are so confident in our system and trading signals that we offer a monthly profit guarantee.

Full attention to every client and the performance of their accounts, which includes ensuring good profit, is part of our commitment to each client, and for us a part of our daily work. The trading signals we share make it easy for clients to invest and trade confidently. We are more than just trading signals; we work with our clients to be sure that each account is making profit, and that their account settings are appropriate. We also ensure that clients apply the right risk management strategies in order to be comfortable with their trading experience. Our philosophy is tight risk control. Based on our many years of trading experience, most of our trades are short or medium term and offer a low stop loss and high take profit. We have found our strategies to be extremely successful over the years. The signals we provide are the result of an immense amount of research, monitoring and in-depth analysis and our winning strategy is the labor of a decade trading in the business.

Our signals are very clear and easy to follow. We provide you with the exact entry and exit points as well as take profit and stop loss levels. These are real-time traded signals and not pending orders for the day which leave clients confused about whether the trade was executed or not. We also operate with just one take-profit level, this way you can ensure that you will make the same profit we do. We don’t take hedge positions (hedging is where you open a long and short position of the same type and currency pair, hoping that one of the two trades will make a profit). If trades are losing, we won’t hold on to them, and we know how to maximise winning trades before closing them at just the right time. We are so confident of our high calibre work, that we guarantee reliable monthly profit or you are entitled to either that months subscription payment back or next month subscription free of charge. We trade our own live accounts and provide you signals based on the risks that we ourselves are taking. It is our job to assist our clients, and we offer fast and efficient replies to any of the enquiries we receive from our clients. We have the pleasure in welcoming you to join our list of successful traders and investors.

Why Us ?

  • Clear and easy to follow signals. We provide you with the exact point in which to enter and exit the trade, as well as where to set your take profit and stop loss.
  • Unbeatable performance. Our signals make hundreds of pips every month. Take a look at our trading results and see for yourselves.
  • All signals we send are traded in real time. We don’t send pending order signals for the day leaving the client confused as to whether the trade was opened by us or not due to deference in broker prices.
  • We give only one take profit level this way you can ensure that you will make the same profit we do.
  • 100% subscription payment back Guarantee. We guarantee reliable monthly profit or you are entitled to either that months subscription payment back or next month subscription free of charge.
  • We trade our signals on our own live account. Every signal we provide you with is based on what we are doing with our money.
  • Customer service. Your success is our top priority. We provide fast and efficient responses to all our clients enquiries.
  • Very affordable. We provide High profit signals at low prices.
  • Risk control. We don’t hold on to losing trades and we know how and when to add to winning trades before closing them at the right time.
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